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Strutt Treecare is a friendly, family run business providing expert tree care and consultancy.
We take pride in delivering an excellent service for a reasonable price. Our clients are based across the South East
and include utilities providers, schools and councils.

Get in touch now to arrange a quote. Call Jake on 0748 1803 182 or email info@strutt-treecare.co.uk


Tree surgery

We can offer a wide range of tree surgery services. From Crown reduction to Pollarding. Lorem ipsum se fit.

All services


There are a range of maintenance services on offer at Strutt Tree Care including garden and land clearances, mowing and strimming, weed removal, pruning and re-pointing.

All services

We work in the following sectors


We offer a pruning service, taking back the ends of branches reducing the height or spread of the foliage. This can help make the tree more suited to its environment and reduce the effects of shading and light loss in the surrounding area. The result should preserve the main frame work of the tree crown, leaving a similar but smaller, outline. 


The removal of a portion of smaller branches, resulting in a consistent density of foliage. This helps to reduce wind resistance and weight as well as allowing more light to pass through the tree.

We remove material systematically throughout the tree, without altering the overall size or shape of the tree and not exceeding more than the recommended maximum of 30%


A much harder form of reduction, reducing the crown by more than 30% leaving the tree with little or no foliage. This service is only suitable for certain species of tree, so give us a call for some advice or to arrange a free estimate.  
We serve: Surrey, Sussex, South London and Kent. Our yard is in Redhill so we can easily travel to all three counties without trouble.

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